Thanks Josh for setting up this practice site!

I noticed a lot of collected spam comments (98 comments, i don’t know how many are spam) and I know with we were getting lots of spam too until I installed a captcha plugin that stopped robots.. I just installed Bad Behavior as a different way – instead of asking the commenter to do something, it determines if something is spam based on algorithms like where it’s coming from etc. It’s under GNU license and is free. I thought we could test it..

I had first installed Clean Talk, which sounded great! Like Bad Behavior, instead of a captcha which asks for a human action to prove the commenter is alive, Clean Talk uses algorithms to determine whether the comment is real or fake. Clean Talk has 5 star ratings from users and been downloaded thousands of times and the reviews were positive, but after I installed it I found out that it’s a fee based program (8/yr). I noticed it pulled up Josh’s email as to where to send the details. I said yes to starting the trial, figuring we don’t have to continue with it, but maybe I shouldn’t have.